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Salt in Water Softener

Keep Your Water Soft

Dave Horsley Plumbing, Inc. provides water softener repair and installation in Sioux City, Iowa and the surrounding area. There are a number of materials that exist in the water that reaches your Siouxland home or business. While these substances may not pose a health risk, they have the potential to do significant damage to the pipes and fixtures on your property. In addition, your water may not clean as well as it could, leaving dishes cloudy and spotty, clothing stained, and skin and hair dry and itchy. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to repair your water softener or install a new one.

What is Hard Water?

Water that contains a significant volume of dissolved minerals, including magnesium and calcium, is often referred to as “hard water.” These minerals are deposited and build up in appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, and hot water heaters, causing all manners of problems. When it occurs in your home’s pipes, they can become clogged.

Personalized Service

Dave Horsley Plumbing, Inc. can help you find the appropriate water conditioning system to correct any issues with your home’s or business’s water. One of our trained technicians will sit down with you and discuss the symptoms your water is presenting, then we’ll test your water for hardness. If we determine you would benefit from a new water softener, we’ll help you choose a system to meet your usage needs and budget.

Water Softener Services

Installing Your New Water Softener System

Dave Horsley Plumbing, Inc. provides Installation that includes turning off your water, shutting the water valve off as well as the power to your current water softener, and then draining your pipes. Next, we’ll install the new water conditioning system, connect the new water lines, and restore power to the unit. We’ll clean up the area, removing your old water softener and any debris.

Water Softener Repair & Installation

Dave Horsley Plumbing has water softeners for every need and situation. Our cutting-edge water conditioning systems are effective, require little maintenance, and save on energy costs. We also repair water softeners. Contact us today and enjoy all the benefits of softer water.


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